Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last day at work!

Well, today was my last day on campus (for 9 months). I have updated my instruction materials and passed them on to colleagues; spent down all my book funds and apprised folks of items to purchase next year; wrapped up nearly all my committee work; secured PaLA's archives; deleted unneeded documents from my computer; responded to all pending e-mails; updated my dossier in Digital Measures; and informed everybody under the sun that I'm leaving. Today I finished cleaning my office, hung an away sign on my door, re-recorded my voicemail greeting, crafted an auto-reply for e-mail, and closed my office window blinds (for the 1st time in 9yrs). Tomorrow I am headed to Pottsville to finish research I started years and years ago. I will miss a lot of people terribly, and I am a little anxious about what my students, faculty, campus, library system, and job will be like when I return. But at this point, I am very glad to be turning the page. Looking forward to a lot of adventures on sabbatical!

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